1. Divin' In
    Cameo Brooks

  2. Injunjo EP
    The Evil Litter

  3. Midnight Girl
    The Froot

  4. Middle Child presents: All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
    James Frewer & Alice Beaumont

  5. What Happened Last Night?
    The Waives

  6. Pleasantville
    Black Lime

  7. Into The Night
    The New Republic

  8. Eastbound
    Jody McKenna

  9. Human Manuals
    Cannibal Animal

  10. Futile / Pink Noise

  11. Grand Theft Manual
    Cannibal Animal

  12. Mother Acid
    Sewer Rats

  13. Cobwebs
    Amber Warren

  14. My Words Our Songs
    Various Artists

  15. LUMER

  16. Hull Scene Vol.3

  17. Disappear

  18. Disappear

  19. Life's Rough
    Serial Chiller

  20. Streets We're Born In

  21. T.O.S.C. EP
    Room 22

  22. Your Trip Begins Now
    The Froot '67

  23. Down and Out
    Black Lime

  24. Whiplash Crocodile

  25. The Freaks Re-Union - Live at The New Adelphi Club
    The Freaks Union

  26. Nothing, Nothing... Then Something
    Dead Hormones

  27. I Feel Alive
    Cannibal Animal

  28. Euphoria Springs
    Jack Conman


  30. High And Dry
    Audio Subscene

  31. Misty Central
    Jack Conman

  32. Wet Juice

  33. Can You Get Along?

  34. Big Bass
    Baby Tooth

  35. Same Wave

  36. First World Problems EP
    System Paralysis / Nothing's Happening

  37. Songs Of Freedom - 12 Artists, 6 Songs, 1 Voice!

  38. Throw Me To The Lions
    Joe Duncan

  39. Three Day Millionaires
    Three Day Millionaires

  40. Three Day Millionaires
    Three Day Millionaires

  41. Twentyeleven
    Three Day Millionaires

  42. Hull's New Breed Vol.1

  43. Throw Me To The Lions
    Joe Duncan

  44. Hullscene Vol.1 - The Modern Soundtrack Of A Rising City

  45. 'Post Youth EP'

  46. Budapest
    Oedipus the King

  47. Gold EP
    Young Jack

  48. 'No Way Out' EP

  49. No Way Out
    Emily Moulton

  50. State Of The City

  51. Inhale The Poison EP
    System Paralysis

  52. Ysabelle Wombwell
    Ysabelle Wombwell

  53. #thehullinvasion - Galtres Festival 2012

  54. Sonrise
    Hekima And The Bongo Flava

  55. The North Wind
    Jody McKenna

  56. 2005-2011
    Outspoken Silence

  57. The Tides Will Take Us Home
    Outspoken Silence

  58. Songs From Despair
    The Freaks Union

  59. My Only Vote EP
    The Freaks Union

  60. The Beginning Of The End
    The Freaks Union

  61. Ever Glad You Were Dead?
    The Freaks Union


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A not-for-profit independent record label and music development project in Hull. Warren Records is part of The Warren Young People's Project supporting young people in Hull.

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